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Exploring Gran Canaria in the Summer: Top 10 Must-Visit Spots for a Perfect Sunny Getaway

Updated: Feb 17

Gran Canaria, one of Spain's Canary Islands, is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and vibrant culture. In this article, we will explore the top 10 attractions and highlights of Gran Canaria during the summer season. We will delve into the island's unique culture, luxurious accommodations, exquisite cuisine, various activities and entertainment options, favourable weather, and ideal travel period.

1. Culture:

Gran Canaria boasts a rich cultural heritage influenced by Spanish, Latin American, African, and indigenous Guanche traditions. Visitors can immerse themselves in the island's history by exploring its numerous museums, ancient archaeological sites, and charming villages, such as Teror and Agüimes. Festivals like the Fiesta de San Juan and Carnival de Las Palmas showcase the island's vibrant culture through music, dance, and colourful costumes.

2. Luxury:

Gran Canaria offers a range of luxurious accommodations, from high-end resorts to boutique hotels. One notable luxury hotel is the Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, located in Meloneras. With its stunning architecture, lush gardens, and top-notch facilities, this hotel provides a lavish experience for visitors seeking indulgence and relaxation.

3. Lifestyle:

The island's lifestyle is a perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor activities. The locals, known as Canarios, have a laid-back attitude that aligns with the island's tranquil ambiance. Whether it's spending lazy days on the beach, exploring the island's natural wonders, or enjoying the vibrant nightlife, Gran Canaria offers a lifestyle that caters to all tastes and preferences.

4. Weather:

Gran Canaria's year-round mild climate makes it an excellent destination for summer vacations. With average temperatures ranging from 24°C to 28°C (75°F to 82°F), visitors can enjoy the island's beautiful beaches and outdoor activities comfortably. Moreover, the cooling effect of the ocean breeze creates a pleasant atmosphere even during the warmest months.

5. Cuisine:

The culinary scene in Gran Canaria is diverse and offers a delightful array of traditional and international dishes. Local specialities include papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), gofio (roasted grain), and fresh seafood such as vieja (parrotfish) and cherne (wreckfish). The island's restaurants cater to all tastes and budgets, making it a gastronomic haven for food enthusiasts.

6. Activities:

Gran Canaria provides an abundance of activities for visitors to enjoy. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in sailing, windsurfing, snorkelling, and scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters. The island's breathtaking landscapes are perfect for hiking, cycling, and exploring the famous sand dunes of Maspalomas. Adventure seekers can opt for activities like camel riding or jeep safaris, allowing them to explore the island's rugged interior.

7. Entertainment:

Gran Canaria offers a vibrant entertainment scene with options for all ages and interests. The island features a variety of live music venues, nightclubs, and bars, particularly in the bustling Playa del Ingles and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Visitors can enjoy live performances, and traditional music, or simply unwind with a refreshing cocktail in hand.

8. Location:

Situated off the northwest coast of Africa, Gran Canaria is easily accessible from major cities in Europe and beyond. The island's well-connected airport receives direct flights from numerous international destinations, making travelling convenient for visitors. Its prime location also allows for day trips to other Canary Islands like Tenerife and Lanzarote, enhancing the overall travel experience.


Gran Canaria, with its captivating culture, luxurious accommodations, pleasant climate, diverse cuisine, and an array of activities and entertainment options, offers an unforgettable summer vacation experience. Whether it's exploring its rich history, indulging in the island's luxurious lifestyle, or simply soaking up the sun on its stunning beaches, Gran Canaria has something for everyone. The favourable climate and vibrant atmosphere make the summer months the best period to travel to this enchanting island.

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