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St Raphael Resort & Marina

St Raphael Resort, Amathountos Avenue, Pyrgos, Limassol, Cyprus

St Raphael Resort & Marina

St Raphael Resort & Marina - Pioneering Carbon Neutrality in Cyprus's Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus, St Raphael Resort & Marina is a trailblazing hotel that has taken a commendable step towards combating climate change by pioneering carbon neutrality. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, this hotel offers an exemplary vacation experience that marries luxury with eco-consciousness. Let's delve into the ten key features that make St Raphael Resort & Marina a standout destination.

1.Geographical Location:

St Raphael Resort & Marina enjoys a prime location along the southeastern coast of Cyprus, boasting stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by pristine beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes, guests are treated to a picturesque setting that offers tranquility and serenity.

2.Carbon Neutrality Optimisation:

What sets St Raphael Resort & Marina apart is its unwavering commitment to carbon neutrality. By implementing innovative strategies such as energy-efficient practices, renewable energy sources, and carbon offsetting initiatives, the hotel has significantly reduced its carbon footprint. This pioneering approach sets a remarkable example for the hotel industry in Cyprus and beyond.

3.Hotel Culture:

St Raphael Resort & Marina has fostered a hotel culture that places great importance on environmental stewardship. From management to staff, a shared dedication to sustainability is evident throughout the property. This culture permeates every aspect of the guest experience, ensuring a comprehensive commitment to the preservation of the local ecosystem.

4.Culture & Lifestyle:

The hotel encourages guests to embrace a sustainable lifestyle during their stay. By providing eco-friendly amenities, promoting responsible water usage, and encouraging recycling, St Raphael Resort & Marina empowers guests to make mindful choices that have a positive impact on the environment. This eco-conscious approach adds a unique and fulfilling dimension to the vacation experience.

5.Quality and Luxury:

St Raphael Resort & Marina spares no effort in providing its guests with a luxurious and unforgettable stay. The hotel boasts tastefully designed and well-appointed rooms and suites, elegantly furnished to exude a sense of opulence and comfort. The impeccable attention to detail and world-class hospitality ensure that guests' expectations of luxury are consistently met and exceeded.

6.Activities & Facilities

For adults seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, St Raphael Resort & Marina offers an array of activities. From indulging in invigorating spa treatments, staying fit at the state-of-the-art fitness facilities, or enjoying a game of tennis or golf, guests have ample opportunities to unwind and immerse themselves in activities that cater to their personal preferences.

Activities for Youngsters:

Families are warmly welcomed at St Raphael Resort & Marina, with a range of activities designed to entertain and engage youngsters. The hotel's dedicated kids' club offers supervised programs, exciting playgrounds, and entertaining activities, ensuring that children have a memorable and enjoyable vacation experience.

7.Entertainment Options:

St Raphael Resort & Marina understands the importance of entertainment and aims to create an immersive and engaging atmosphere for its guests. With live music performances, themed nights showcasing the local culture, and captivating cultural shows, visitors can partake in a vibrant nightlife that adds a lively spark to their stay.

8.Environmental footprint & carbon neutrality:

The standout feature of St Raphael Resort & Marina undoubtedly lies in its pioneering approach to carbon neutrality. By not only acknowledging the need for sustainability but actively implementing measures to achieve carbon neutrality, the hotel sets new standards for environmental consciousness in the hospitality industry. This unique commitment is what truly sets it apart from other hotels in Cyprus.

9. Best Periods for Travel:

While Cyprus enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate throughout the year, the spring and autumn seasons are particularly noteworthy for their optimal weather conditions. During these periods, guests can appreciate outdoor activities, explore the natural wonders surrounding St Raphael Resort & Marina, and enjoy comfortable temperatures that enhance their overall experience.


In conclusion, St Raphael Resort & Marina exemplifies the perfect blend of luxury, sustainability, and innovative thinking. Its breathtaking location, pioneering carbon neutrality initiatives, diverse range of activities, and commitment to providing an exceptional vacation experience all contribute to its status as a standout hotel in Cyprus. By choosing to stay at St Raphael Resort & Marina, guests have the opportunity to indulge in opulence while actively contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Property Location

St Raphael Resort, Amathountos Avenue, Pyrgos, Limassol, Cyprus

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