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Entry Requirements For Mexico

Important Information Regarding New Entry Requirements For Mexico

There has been a change to the entry requirements for all customers due to travel to Mexico. All customers are now required to complete a “Declaration of Goods” form online before travel.

The new requirements affect all departures to Mexico – Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

A form to be completed per passenger unless travelling as a family where all members share the same surname in which case one form will be accepted.

Once the customer’s application has been completed they will require to print their declaration and take it with them for presentation to the authorities on arrival in Mexico.

If the customer is travelling with 10,000USD or more (or equivalent in Mexican Pesos) they must also complete a “Declaration of Money” for both entry and exit out of Mexico, again this needs to be printed.

The declaration of Goods form can be accessed here:

The declaration of Money form can be accessed here:

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