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Cyprus: Kalopanayiotis Mountain Village. Authentic & Exclusive

This rural village community embodies one man's vision to revive the area by preserving the spirit of village life, local culture, and traditions.

Nestled at the foothills of the Troodos Mountains in the heart of Cyprus lies the breathtaking village of Kalopanayiotis. As the community experienced dispersal during the early 20th century, with the younger generation moving to cities or abroad, John Panayiotis shared the same fate.

John Panayiotis, driven by passion and vision, didn't intend to start a business; rather, his goal was to revitalize the village. He accomplished this by developing agricultural lands, establishing vineyards, and preserving the historical buildings in the vicinity.

Undoubtedly, the vision was embraced not only by one main but by the entire community, as evident from the warm welcome one receives upon entering the village, be it from the local bus driver or the dedicated beekeeper.

The original Community School bus now serves as the local tour bus, driven by the grandson of the original driver, who proudly carries on the family tradition. Additionally, you can meet the local beekeeper, who plays a crucial role in generating and preserving the hives, as well as producing delicious local honey, which he claims helps maintain a youthful complexion.

This charming community has created 43 boutique guest houses scattered across the village of Kalopanayiotis, each offering magnificent views that are sure to leave you impressed.

While visiting, you can immerse yourself in the local culture by indulging in traditional homemade Cyprian sweets and Hullaumi. Explore the vineyards and savor their exceptional produce. Alternatively, you can relax at one of the several cafes or restaurants and enjoy an authentic dining experience with a personal touch. Moreover, don't miss the highlight of your visit — The Myrianthousa Spa — where you can pamper yourself with a range of spa treatments, such as the invigorating "rain shower" and a soothing spiritual massage using specially selected Temple Spa oils. You may also consider tailoring your visit with a spiritual retreat, a curated dining experience, mindfulness walks, or a yoga session.

Discover the natural wonder and tranquillity of the mountains at Myrianthousa Spa, nestled into the dramatic northern slopes of the Troodos ranges. Indulge in the revitalizing ambiance as you replenish your body and mind in our Thermal Suites, featuring a hydrotherapy spa pool, herbal steam room, sauna, and snow cabin. Experience a body detox in our Rhassoul mud cabin or take a journey with the pilgrims of old with a smoothing 'through' bath ritual, benefiting from the therapeutic properties of the natural sulphur spring in Kalopanayiotis. Whatever treatment you choose, our menu of top-to-toe treatments is designed to soothe, relax, and refresh.

The vision and passion of the community, driven by John Panayiotis, are abundantly clear in this tranquil hideaway amidst the rolling hills of the Troodos Mountains. Indeed, this gem is a remarkable find and an experience that will leave lasting memories. I am personally looking forward to visiting the village of Kalopanayiotis next year, particularly to savor the homemade Halloumi made by the local mothers.

With these offerings, the village of Kalopanayiotis invites you to experience a truly unforgettable and rejuvenating getaway.

Authentic & Exclusive

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