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Barbados Beaches

Sea and Beach Activities Travel makes us more extravagant, so live in the daylight, swim in the ocean, and drink in our refreshing Caribbean breeze. Our coral island of Barbados offers you in excess of 80 flawless white-sand sea shores, including numerous that are perceived as the most excellent sea shores on the planet. Between the ocean side and the sea, we offer limitless ways of having some good times! Add to the abundance of your movement encounters with our numerous island experience watersports including plane skiing at the consistently enthusiastic Mullins Beach, boogie loading up and paddle loading up at Pebbles Beach, surfing at the Soup Bowl and on Atlantic Shores, and supercharged kitesurfing at Silver Sands. Visit the east coast for an outing under obscure trees at Bath or Bathsheba, and beachcombing on Cattlewash, perhaps the longest ocean side of Barbados. On the south and west drifts, a huge number of little boats offer brief excursions to swim with the turtles. You can captain a Hobie Cat or kayak, take a stab at spearfishing, take a remote ocean fishing sanction, or go through a day onboard an extravagance sailboat, cruising perfectly clear oceans like a big name. Life’s the ocean

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