Orlando The Resort


Uncle Walt’s bold idea

In 1955 Walt Disney opened a revolutionary concept in family entertainment, Orlando Florida located in Anaheim, California. This, however, was restricted in size; its success turned what were once orange groves into a heavily developed suburb of Los Angeles.

Walt learned his lesson and, after purchasing forty-three square miles of land situated in Orlando in sunny Florida constructed Walt Disney World which opened in 1971. A holiday mecca from the start for both adults and children, from its inception to today it has
transformed and enlarged so much that Uncle Walt would hardly recognise it. As with his films, the one thing he would recognise is its primary aim, to transport us from the humdrum of everyday life and unlock our imagination.

Of course, its success meant that Disneyworld, which originally encompassed the Magic Kingdom and the Experimental The Prototype City of Tomorrow (or EPCOT) blossomed with Hollywood Studios and Animal kingdom Park being added. The Disney complex also houses two waterparks; Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon to both get your adrenaline racing and to cool you off.

Success and profit of this kind attracted other varieties of theme park including SeaWorld, where you can see an assortment of inhabitants of the oceans of the world, including performing killer whales. Something that the British will be familiar with is Legoland, which has a park there catering more for the younger tourist. The brewing giants Anheuser Busch also opened Busch Gardens a wildlife and roller coaster park. If history and technology are more to your liking, the Kennedy Space Centre is situated just a short distance away on Florida’s eastern coast; there you can see exhibits that allowed mankind to break the bonds
shackling us to the earth. Within a relatively small area you, therefore, have a huge choice of fun and exciting things
to do whilst on holiday be it riding a roller-coaster, having lunch with Pinnochio, watching a killer whale or looking at rockets that transported a man to the moon. You can let your hair down in the evenings as well as an assortment of eateries and bars; every night is New Year’s Eve when you are on Disney’s Pleasure Island! Don’t forget, fun can be tiring . . .allow some time to relax as well. In conclusion, a trip to Orlando will satisfy you regardless of your age or the type of holiday thrill you are seeking. A tip: if you have the time pop down to Naples in southern Florida for rest and relaxation or copy Hemingway, take a trip to Key West and have a beer at his favorite bar, Sloppy Joe’s. Ask Darrell or Sharon for unique special packages they can assemble on your behalf.

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